the Future Demands Your Participation,cats,etc.

Today I went to the Minsheng Art Museum to see the Future Demands Your Participation:Contemporary Art from the British Council Collection,and took several photos by my iphone,totally speaking,very impressive~

by Mark Titchner,The Future Demands Your Participation,2006,Transparency in lightbox,150X100X15cm

looks like the UK Pavilion in Expo,2010~


He must be a GRYFFINDOR lol

brilliant work




the Queen in four TV sets,different days in different coats,but the same scene





i met sooo many foreigners today!!


I took this photo when i'm waiting for a bus,"shanghai,'Ghina' "...what the fuck is Ghina??XDrz




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magic mouse和考试日程

前几天从淘宝买了magic mouse,没别的,太灵了.....

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Oral English Examination

(I've been working all day preparing for the oral english examination tomorrow morning,and spent the whole afternoon writing...i do wonder if i could recite all of them tonight...:'((((( )
Topic 1:If you have only one week left to live,what would you do in those seven days?
If I only had one week left to live, I think, I should buy life insurance first. And then I'll buy all the things I'd like to buy before and pamper myself. I'm a sensitive and emotional person. I would take one day to tell my loved ones everything I appreciate about each one of them. I would assure them that there is no anger or hurt in my heart towards anyone for everything. I'd explain why I love them and feel each is a blessing. I'd not stay home feeling sorry for myself, that's for sure! I would spend one more day with those that I love, near the water, lake, river or ocean, just as long as there is movement. I would eat sushi, lean beef, fresh fruit and vegetables and my mothers' food for one last time. I would stay up for 24 hours so that I could see the sun rise and set and rise again without losing a minute. Buy a one-way plane ticket to England, and take my chances--immediately. Then I would enjoy all the things I love about England each day. Say a few more prayers for my soul and then go outside and go swimming, skydiving, fishing, flying, laugh until i cried, run as fast as i could until my lungs burn and my legs want to set aflame and feel the burn all over and realize this is what live feels like, then I would watch the birds and other critters, have a good cry, and then say goodbye.

Topic 2:How to live in harmony with others?
To live in harmony with others,we should respect ourselves and others. It’s a fact that we are all more alike than we are different. This in effect means that the more a person understands and admires about himself or herself the more this person is likely to understand and admire about the rest of humanity.
Every time you encounter a person recognize that a major percentage of the person is exactly identical to you and you should appreciate the differences between you and the person you've encountered. Besides,we should be attentive to others' needs and learn to forgive. Smile will do a lot for building a great friendship. We should try to be gentle and admit our own mistakes and apologize to the person concerned. And when we are in disagreement with others,don't bring up what happened in the past to hurt other people. If we can follow those tips mentioned above,we can live in harmony with others.

Topic 3:Christmas.<这个我纯粹就是瞎扯淡,我又不过Christmas,我怎么晓得外国人要怎么过......orzzzzz|||
One of the most important festivals in western countries is Christmas Day. People celebrate Christmas to remember Jesus Christ,it's his birthday. Before Christmas,people would go out shopping and buy things they need for the festival. One of the things that people tend to do on Christmas eve is go out and spend their Christmas eve with their church group or go and listen to Christmas carolers. This time of the year is one of the days that is full of holiday spirit. It's always a great feeling getting to spend time with your family and anticipate the joy of receiving and giving gifts. There is no reason to go fancy for dinner because remember everybody else is focused on sitting in front of a roaring fire and getting warm blankets, listening to Christmas carolers stand outside singing songs spreading the holiday joy. Picking something simple like cake or candy or ice cream for dinner is kind of a good way to remind yourself that Christmas is the time of the year to enjoy yourselves and feel the love and joy.On Christmas eve,children go to bed early and before that,they would put stockings at the end of their beds,and they would find presents in their stockings the next morning. On Christmas Day,people go out to see their relatives and friends singing Christmas songs and do whatever they like.

Topic 4:How well I can listen.<这个其实就是就一篇课文写summery,写起来不难,背起来就......
We can often hear people complaining that no one listens to them and no one understands them. Experts tend to resort the term "generation gap" to explain the conflicts between parents and children, but this term cannot be applied to the other cases such as the conflicts between friends or married couples.Though our technology allows us communicate by phones or something else,misunderstanding problem still exists. Clearly,something is wrong with their listening ability. We often make basic mistakes by confusing hearing and listening. Hearing is a physiological function while listening requires hard work and energy. To become a good listener begins with concentration. While listening to others,do not think about anything else. Other psychological factors also come into play,for example,if one has a poor impression of the speaker,he would not tune in the words of the speaker. If we knew all above,verbal communication can be a good means for us to understand each other.

Topic 5:College Pressures
There are four kinds of pressure working on college students today:economic pressure,parental pressure,peer pressure,and self-induced pressure. I'd like to explain economic pressure and parental pressure with some examples. Study at college needs much money. Students pay not only tuition but also room,books and various kinds of fees that the students can hardly offer by themselves. A student must do work-study program and spend all his vocation to earn money for his study,and that's still not enough,he must start to repay within one year after graduation. All those will cause the economic pressure. For those lucky few who can get financial help from their parents will face another pressure given by their parents,the parental pressure. There are many students taking their courses with joyless determination just because their parents want them to. The parents cannot see what their children interested in but the payoff,the "practical" value.So the pressure on students is severe and they feel obligated to fulfill their parents' expectations that are not right for them.

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再说这个80 90 00后......我讨厌拿这个区分人。虽然这几个词刚出现的时候不带恶意,后来不是扭曲了吗。80后,奋斗的勤奋的;90后,脑残的灰主流的;00后,新生的有出息的。这个也不应该说太多,说多了是我lack of confidence。





话说 今天我又回到上海了。11:30乘车去机场,13:10登机,13:40起灰,15:10降落,15:50坐上出租车,司机迷路,快五点到家......我早饭没吃,到机场又太晚,换到最后一排的票,那颠簸地......我一直默念“蛋定”才忍住没吐,杯具啊!
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